Creating Harmony: How to Master Eclectic Interior Design


Creating an eclectic living space is something many people are interesting in doing but aren’t quite sure where to start. Eclectic interior design can be quite daunting, yet incorporating a few of the following things can really help you to get started. The key to eclectic interior design is having consistency with the chaos, selecting a common thread throughout the space in order to have a sense of cohesion whilst allowing all of your unique items to stand out. Creating a distinctive look is easier than it seems, so have a read on and find out how to let your style shine through with eclectic interior design. 

Color Scheme

For those of you who are feeling bold, you may be brave enough to go for contrasting colors around the room. If you’re just starting out and aren’t quite sure how to take that risk, there are a few simple tips to enable you to gradually discover your own style. One way to achieve an eclectic look is to select a color you think would work well in your space and choose 3 different shades of that color. Focus on these colors throughout your room whilst also incorporating colors directly opposite them on the color wheel. For example, if you choose shades of teal as your core colors, you might have one dark teal wall, two light teal walls and then a shade of fuchsia on the other wall which is then reinforced through your soft furnishings. You could then use the fuchsia wall to host an array of interesting prints in other shades of teal, as well as bringing in some other exciting color and lots of texture. This is one way to help you get started until you are confident in finding your own look. 

Soft Furnishings

Use your soft furnishings to combine both smooth and rough textures around the space, adding interest and building on a simple color palette. You may opt for a sleek rug and a heavily textured throw in the same color palette. Alternatively, try pairing slightly clashing throw cushions with your heavily patterned designer sofa, like those at Arighi Bianchi. Make the most of your soft furnishings by drawing out elements of color from the rest of the room and then adding a quirky texture. For example, if the room consists of orange tones, dress your furniture with patterned soft blue tones. I know what you’re thinking, this all sounds a bit chaotic, but if you try to stick to having either a consistent color palette or consistent texture at least three times in a space, you will find the look comes together cohesively. 


When it comes to eclectic art, there really are no rules. However, if you aren’t sure where to start, creating an eclectic gallery wall can be a fantastic and cheap way to bring something new and exciting to your living space. You have freedom to combine patterns, textures and colors to suit your style and also the most current trends. Whilst it is great to show creative freedom, you should consider how the prints or photos will all be tied together. Pick out three statement colors in the room and try to select photos or prints that contain at least one of these colors. This will help you to achieve a style that is amazingly unique but also connected. Trying a gallery wall is also a great way to easily change up the style of your home, as you are not restricted to a few expensive pieces of art. Instead, you can swap and change the prints regularly. 

Bold Wallpaper

An easy way to make a statement in any room is with wallpaper. Paint can be used in many interesting ways, but the easiest way to flood a room with excitement and pattern is with a great wallpaper. Your wallpaper could reinforce other colors used in the room or could stand out as a statement in its own right. For example, will it contain specks of copper to compliment your statement light fixture or will it contrast another bold pattern in the room completely? Your options really are endless!


You may have achieved a look that is stunning in the daylight, but now it’s time to bring it to life in the evening. One great way to draw a room together is by using metallic elements, so this is something you could utilize with your light fittings. Opt for copper wall lights, gold pendant lights or Wayfair sell some great gold and black standing light. For something softer, try rattan fixtures. Having two rattan fittings that are different sizes hanging next to each other can add a unique touch to the room, as well as adding a real warmth through the unique patterns when switched on.

Statement Objects

Having one or two bold items in your living space is certainly going to turn heads and will fit perfectly into your eclectic room. If the room is small, opt for one item, or for larger rooms push the boundaries and go for two. You don’t want the items to be competing for attention, so if you do go for two, ensure they compliment each other well. One option is to go for a statement piece of furniture, such as an orange suede sofa or a gold coffee table. Other grand options are large pieces of artwork or decadent light fixtures. For something slightly more subtle, a statement rug or mirror can compliment your more permanent room fixtures, such as expensive pieces of furniture furniture. 


Hopefully this quick guide to eclectic basics has given you the confidence to take the leap into this style and make the most of your living areas. Remember to pick out a few colors and textures to keep consistent in your space and then have fun with your soft furnishings, light fittings and accessories. You have the freedom to pick out your favorite colors, textures and patterns and make the space your own. Once you’ve done these things you’re sure to find some inspiration and come up with your own rules.

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