Simple Tips to Maintain Roller Blinds


It is both fashionable and functional to install roller blinds instead of regular curtains in your homes, rooms, and offices. The trend of using these blinds has been coming along for a long time now. They are more convenient to use as they do not need a lot of effort and push to open or close. They are simple in operation and do not make unnecessary noise or chaos around the bottom rims when opened or closed like regular curtains. However, they may have their benefits and be more convenient than the curtains. There are still some issues that come with this ease. Hence, you need to be vigilant in the maintenance and usage of these blinds to make sure they remain functional for long and do not cost you a lot. 

Mentioned below are some useful tips to maintain your roller blinds:

1. Be picky in cleaning tools

Now that the necessity of cleaning the roller blinds is established, it is equally important to see which tools and equipment are suitable for this purpose and how should they be used for maximum results. When using a cleaner, make sure you are not using the one which has a lot of unnecessary chemicals. These chemicals can erode your fabric in no time. So, choose wisely. Also, the duster you use will be more effective and efficient if it is made of microfibers and soft material. This will gently clean the shades and not cause any damage to the fabric or the shades. Another hack can be used for cleaning them with a toothbrush if they need a little intense cleaning. This will provide better cleansing and less damage. Still, make sure that you do not scrub it too much on the fabric to create a mess. Use the brush gently with the cleaner. 

2. Nip the noises in the bud

If you are using roller blinds, you must know that they operate by the kind of movement that often results in friction. This friction created can occur between the sheets and the window wall or between the sheets themselves. After a while, every time the blinds are opened or closed, noise in the form of irritable sound is produced. So, in order to get rid of such irksome sounds, you must use noise eliminating and lubricating sprays that are available in the market. But you need to be careful because the sprays can cause damage to the fabric if it comes in contact with it. Hence, you must only use the spray where the problem is and not on the sheets rods or the fabric to avoid damage. 

3. Always keep it clean

Probably one of the most underrated actions in maintaining the roller blinds is cleaning them regularly. Many people take this step for granted because they do not wish to do the dusting of these roller blinds or the windows every day until they look filthy. They do not bother cleaning them at all. Also, it is considered inconvenient as the sheets and rods are not enough for one smooth sweep of the duster. What you must to do is, put extra effort into cleaning them, especially when windows are quite large, the task seems more difficult to do. Still, you need to clean it regularly, so you do not have to face any problems related to this in the future when all the dirt and dust has accumulated and jammed the blinds. 

4. Avoid direct sunlight

If you have washed your blinds thoroughly and taken them off the rod, make sure you do not dry them under direct sunlight. While drying them in the sunlight can seem like a great idea; in reality, it is not. Direct exposure to the sun can cut short the life of your blinds in no time. Also, it can fade its colors and cause fabric problems. If you want to dry the blinds, you should hang them in the shade. Of course, they will take more time this way, but the fabric will not suffer any damage. 

5. Put the Vacuum cleaner to use

If you are looking for something that does not take too much of your effort and time, you can go with the choice of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your blinds. This way, you will not have to take the blinds off the rods or worry about washing and drying them. However, there is still one thing that needs to be taken care of. You cannot use the regular vacuum cleaner for this purpose. You need something lighter and softer, or else the fabric will tear in no time. You can change the setting of your vacuum cleaner to mild if it is equipped with such a function. 

6. Spot cleaning is the way to go

It is not advisable for you to wash the blinds every other day or even every weekend. This will lead to over cleaning and hence will shorten the life of the fabric of your roller blinds. Even if you spill something on them or there is a spot that needs to be removed, you should go for spot cleaning instead of washing the whole thing. This will save you time and energy as well. 


To conclude the tips for maintaining roller blinds, you must be well aware of what kind of rods and blinds and fabric you have. This will be the first step towards developing a systematic way of cleaning and choosing which products and tools will be required to clean and maintain them. When you are done with this step, you have to be regular with cleaning, but with enough gaps in between the cleaning days. This is so that you do not overdo or underdo it. Moreover, you can use mechanical methods like washing them or using toothbrushes for cleaning or can go for a mild vacuum cleaner as per your choice.

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