Tools Every New Homeowner Should Own and Some They Shouldn’t


Becoming a homeowner brings both joy and responsibility. The process of buying and moving into a new house is exciting. But once the formalities are completed, the work begins. One of the major jobs of a homeowner is maintaining their new home. 

Minor leaks, chipped paint, cracks, and jammed doors are some common issues with houses. As a homeowner, you don’t have a landlord to fix these problems. Ongoing repairs can take a toll on your wallet.

Essential hand tools can come in handy for performing many tasks around the house. They help you maintain your home and save money on day-to-day repairs. 

Here’s a list of tools that every homeowner must have:


Whether you want to hang a family photo on the wall or remove a loose nail without damaging a surface, a hammer is one of the most useful tools you can have. 

There are many types of hammers, but homeowners can get by with a simple claw hammer. On one side of its head is a flat end that is used for pounding, and on the other side there’s a curving blade with a V-shaped notch that grabs onto loose fittings.

Hammering can cause pain or injury to your arm if it’s not done properly. Use a hammer made of a material that reduces vibration to prevent injury. Estwing’s claw hammers are designed to provide a smooth grip and reduce shock. They’re available in different sizes and prices to suit individual requirements. 


A screwdriver can be used to solve a variety of minor maintenance problems. Whether you’re tightening a loose screw, assembling a piece of furniture, or dismantling a light cover, a screwdriver can do it all. 

There are many types of screwdrivers with different head shapes. This hand tool also comes in different sizes. A set of screwdrivers in various sizes with multiple heads is a great choice for homeowners. 

There are several screwdriver sets available, which range in price from $5 to over $100. Some of them have ergonomic handles that you can grip comfortably while you perform a task.

Cordless Drill

You may need to assemble or disassemble furniture or electronic appliances in your home. Or, you might affix a TV set to the wall or secure door hinges.

A cordless, battery-powered drill makes these tasks simpler. It saves you from having to find a power outlet or worry about the cord length when reaching into difficult spaces. 

A decent cordless drill will cost you $100 or less. Bosch is a trusted brand that has an excellent selection of cordless drills. These tools are an investment that saves you money on general repairs and maintenance. 


Pliers, another useful hand tool, are available in different types and sizes. From long nose to tongue and groove, each type of pliers is designed for special applications. They’re used to grip, twist, cut, or remove wires, pins, nails, and other fasteners. 

Pliers belong on the list of essential hand tools for homeowners because they reach into places that heavy machines and fingers cannot. 

Digital Tape Measure

Measurement is a critical aspect of renovating your home or revamping its interior. Using a traditional tape measure takes effort and is time consuming because you have to do the math on your own. 

A digital measuring tape is a quick and reliable way to calculate, convert, and record measurements. A 16-foot tape lets you measure the width of your wall or the length of a frame with ease. Some of them have a memory feature, which makes it simpler to access any missed measurements. 

Putty Knife

Cracks and chipped paint are common issues with houses. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs each time you spot a minor crack or some dried paint falling off the wall. 

A putty knife comes to your rescue in such situations. From filling in cracks to applying caulk, this practical hand tool performs several maintenance functions. You can get a decent putty knife for $20 or less that will serve you well for years. 

Electric/Laser Level 

How many times have you struggled to get a piece of wall art to hang straight? It’s hard to get it right without having someone else help you. Using a traditional tape measure for the task can get tedious. 

An electric or laser level produces horizontal, vertical, and cross lines to help you position and place canvases, artworks, or picture frames at the precise angle you desire. The tool is available in a range of prices to suit every budget and requirement. 

Wrench Set

A wrench is a popular hand tool that can be found in every maintenance person’s kit, and it serves several purposes at home. Whether you want to put together build-it-yourself furniture items, unscrew pipe fittings, or tighten nuts and bolts, wrenches can be quite helpful. 

There are several types of wrenches, each meant for a particular purpose. Sometimes, you’ll need two types of wrenches for a repair task. Having a wrench set is extremely helpful in the case of minor plumbing or electrical issues. 

Hand Tools You Don’t Need As a Homeowner

Although there is a variety of hand tools that can be helpful in making repairs at home, the use of some equipment is best left to professionals. These items include sharp, heavy-duty equipment like table saws, hacksaws, and axes. Avoid anything that is sharp and has a high likelihood of causing injury. 

Always take the appropriate safety measures when handling any equipment to make repairs around the house. 


With these tools ready to hand, you’ll be ready to tackle most of your home maintenance problems. They can be bought at affordable prices, and the investment will pay off in the long run. 

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